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HOW TO Convert BSNL 3G to BSNL 4G sim Card

HOW TO Convert BSNL 3G to BSNL 4G sim Card : Hi there, are you searching on Google for a trick to Convert your BSNL 3G to 4G sim Card then you have landed on the right place. Recently the BSNL telcom added a new service i.e. Trick to Change BSNL 3G to BSNL 43G sim Card in India. This one is the latest service offered by BSNL customers. We Have Already Given HOW TO Convert BSNL 2G to 3G sim Card. Check below-detailed procedure for Convert BSNL 3G to BSNL 4G sim Card Free Tricks, Steps and Full Details.

HOW TO Convert BSNL 3G to BSNL 4G sim Card

Process 1: You can enroll in the early entry in 4G network interest at BSNL website. The direct link to register you interest similar to JIO shall start soon. The procedure is very simple, you can register online at BSNL SELF Portal and click on “4G Interest”. In the registration form, you have to select state, city, service type, your personal details ie. phone number, mobile number, email id etc.
Process 2: If you don’t knwo about the online process, you can visit nearest BSNL telecom exchange and ask for the 4G interest application form. The registration form is 1 page, you can fillup in 2 minutes and submit it.
BSNL 4G Interest Registration

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