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Full List Of JIO GAMES Download For Jio Phone User

Hello guys If you want JIO GAMES Download on My Jio Phone, Today I am back with another Post Full List Of JIO GAMES For Jio Phone User?. Check Below Our article How to Download jio mobile games  FOR KIDS, FREE, GIRLS, BOYS NEW LATEST Using jio games app.

Jio Phone uses KaiOS which is based on the Firefox Operating System And the marketplace is a website which provides all the game Application which runs on Firefox OS easily. The Marketplace website gives you the facility to enjoy your favorite games on the Jio Phone. If you want to run your favorite game apps on the Jio Phone, then Follow the below procedure to install the Apps on Jio Phone


  1. Click the link- Market Place Game Apps Download to go to the Marketplace website for the games.
  2. You have to register yourself here.
  3. Fill the registration form as your email id, Password, and your age.
  4. ‘Marketplace’ will send a verification link to your email Id.
  5. Verify your email id from the link
  6. You can now ‘sign in’ in the marketplace.
  7. Download all the favorite game applications in Jio Phone.
  8. Select the name of game App from this page which you want to download.
  9. Now, Click download to download the App.
  10. When the App is downloaded, you can install it on your phone.
  11. Enjoy your favorite game on your Jio Phone.

JIO Phone Games

Note: there are many games who do not support for JIO Phones because mobile is not screen touch, small display, keypad and low hardware configuration and more thing that why it fails to support in graphics so small games or low graphics games can be played on this JIO Phone.


  • Steel Story: the game is based on Land of Robots and robot has to travel through road and if drop of water falls on robot body then games will be over and the user has to click on restart button then games will be restarted.
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition Demo: this game is a demo version of Pac-man having awesome LED graphics in games and ghost has t eat mazes and has to score big chomping in games with faster speed
  • Crazy Birds 2: perfect games of Kids which are an unofficial version of the very famous mobile game i.e. Angry Bird which has millions of Download and in this games, you will provide new levels and with each next level difficult increase with this new bird will started rewarded with every victory.


  • Candy Breaker: this game is an alternative to candy crush which can be played by the keypad of the phone just you have to work faster and more use of a brain. There are hundreds of level each will have limited life and life will be added with your victory
  • Chocolate Jewels: especially for chocolate lover which has the same theme like jewels star as you complete the new level your will rewarded with candy tray.


  • Top Shootout: The Saloon: this game has a different mission by using guns and machine you have a complete task and by killing terrorist
  • Age of Barbarians: this game is similar to Age of Empire in which you have your own army and land then you have attack enemy land and by gaining victory you have win reward point.

Hope this article will help you to know details about JIO GAMES For Jio Phone User. Share this article ” How to Download Jio Game FOR KIDS, FREE, GIRLS, BOYS NEW LATEST Using jio games app. ” to your friends and family.

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