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Simple steps for Balance Transfer from Airtel 2016 (UPDATED)

How Can I Get balance transfer Balance from Airtel: Airtel is one of the fastest growing service network provider in India. Are you an Airtel prepaid card user ? Are you searching on Google for a trick to get balance Transfer from Airtel to Airtel, then you are landed on right place.  Recently the Airtel mobile service provider added a new service i.e. Money transfer service for all its prepaid subscribers in India. This one is the latest service offered by Airtel to all its prepaid customers. Here in this article I have listed the possible ways to Transfer balance from Airtel to Airtel.

This Money Transfer in Airtel  is very useful when you have no balance in your mobile to make an important or urgent call. With the help of this service, the Airtel customers who ever living in India can send balance from Airtel to Airtel.

How to Balance Transfer from Airtel to Airtel

What is Balance Transfer?

Balance transfer by name itself we can say what it is but let me explain you about that it is a process in which you can share your mobile balance to another mobile number and note that the transfer of balance can be done only if both the mobile numbers i.e. donor and receiver should be on the save network.

Click Here for Airtel USSD Codes

How To Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel

So let me tell you How to transfer balance from Airtel now, this can be done by using Airtel balance transfer USSD code. Below we are providing Airtel Balance Transfer Code/ Number.

Follow these Simple steps for  Balance Transfer in Airtel.

➡ Open your phone dialer and Just Dial  *141#

➡ A Menu will pop-up on your Mobile phone like this

➡ 1) Share Talk time
2) Buy happy hours Pack
3) Take Loan/Ask for Talk time
4) Gift Pack
5) Call me Back Sms
6) Account
7) Help

➡ Select “Share Talk Time” which is the 1st option available in the menu.

➡ Enter “1”  to “Share talk time”, and press the “Send” button.

➡ Now you have to enter the mobile number to which you want to transfer balance.

➡ Then Enter the Amount you want to transfer.

➡ And you are done your balance will be transferred within 5 minutes.

Does Balance Transfer has service charges?

Yes, its cost some small amount of money to transfer your balance and it is charged as service charges.


Conditions to Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel

  • For using Balance transfer service customer must have been an Airtel customer for at least 3 months
  • Only Main account balance can be transferred.
  • Balance transfer is available only for Airtel prepaid customers.
  • Transfer amount must be in the range of Rs. 5,10,20,30.
  • You can make up to 5 balance transfers per day.

For more information you can also visit www.airtel.in


Hope now you understood Airtel Balance Transfer trick. If you like the article “How to Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel ”, you can share with your friends via Facebook & Google+ and feel free to ask your doubts.

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