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How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed For Internet & Data (UPDATED)

Are you searching on Google for How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed, then you are landed on right place. The number of customers using Jio internet increasing daily. Because of this, so many people are facing problems with Jio low-speed internet. The download and upload speed of the network has reduced in many places. The Reliance Jio users are experiencing very low speeds of just 150 to 500 kbps. Here In this artical Providing 7 possible solutions To increase Jio 4G Speed above 20 mbps, just follow the given steps then you can get the maximum internet connection. Today Mobileplansindia.in Explain various types of Free tricks and tips from which you can easily speed up your downloading speed. But some times these tricks are working and not working. We have Giving in this post working tricks. Check Below Artical How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G speed Download for Internet Data Free Tricks, Steps, Tips, Process and Full Details.

Simple Tricks & Steps to Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed

Solution 1: 

Go to your android settings > SIM cards & Mobile networks > Jio 4G >Access point names > Now click new apn or Add button.

Now You see the full new list now you have to create new internet setting by filling all detail from below.

Name MobilePlansindia.in
APN jionet
Proxy Not set
Port Not set
Username Not set
Password Not set
Server Not set (you can use www.google.com to increase browsing/downloading speed)
MMSC Not set
MMS Proxy Not set
MCC 405
MNC 857, 863 or 874
Authentication type Not set
APN protocol IPv6 (to boost speed, you can change it to IPv4/IPV6). Same is for roaming protocol
Enable/disable APN leave it unchanged
Bearer Unspecified (you can change it to LTE)
Mobile virtual network operator type None

Now Save the setting and select it and restart your phone. This will increase your Jio 4G Internet Speed.

Solution 2: Set Your Phone to Use LTE only to Increase Jio Speed

  • If your Phone is QUALCOMM Processor supported then dial from your mobile *#*#4636#*#*.
  • You see Phone Information 1 options click on it.
  • Now scroll the page and select TD-SCDMA, GSM/WCDMA, and LTE.
  • Now restart your phone and enjoy speed up internet.

Solution 3: By Using Mtk Engineering Mode

  • Install MTK Engineering Mode app from Play store.
  • Now open the app and select MTK Settings option.
  • Click on band mode option; you will see LTE Mode select this.
  • In LTE Mode select only Band 40 and uncheck all.
  • Save the setting and restart Your phone.

This will fix Reliance Jio Speed Problem and increase Jio 4G speed.

How to speed up Jio for Qualcomm processor

  • Install Shortcut Master (Lite) application from Play Store.
  • Then go to Menu > Search
  • Type “carrier menu” or “engineering mode” and then search.
  • Open if found and access to change LTE bands

Jio Speed increase for MediaTek Processor

  • Install MTK Engineering Mode from 2&play store
  • Open and Run the application
  • Then select ‘MTK Settings’
  • After that Select ‘BandMode’
  • Select SIM slot where you have placed your Jio SIM
  • Select ‘LTE mode’
  • Select band 40 for best speed or band 5 for best coverage

Solution 4:

  • First, download the VPN master app or snap VPN app from play store, or you could even download any app both are made for the same purpose.
  • After downloading the app just open it.
  • Then after starting the app, the server will set to India country and it’ll take up to fifteen seconds to connect and sometimes only 2-3 seconds it takes to connect.
  • After connecting to VPN you can check that download speed it’ll hit the maximum speed within a second.

How to increase Speed of Jio with Internet Speed Booster and Optimizer App

Internet Booster & Optimizer works in both root and non-rooted Android device to increase internet speed. In order to get high Jio 4g speed, you have to enable the net speed booster & optimizer app. This app automatically customizes all settings and gives high-quality Jio net speed.
  • First, Download and install Internet Speed Booster & Optimizer app
  • Enable the profile ‘Non-Root User’ or ‘Root user’ depending on your device root option
  • Just leave it by running the app in the background
  • This App will increase Jio 4G speed in few seconds
  • You get highest, maximum browsing & downloading, Uploading speed which is available in your current location.

How to Speed up Jio 4G for Rooted Devices

Rooted device users were given a lot of possibilities that they can try whatever and any method. This trick is particularly mentioned for rooted customers.

  • Firstly, Download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer app on your device.
  • In that application Select the network speed, choose 12/28/7 – Max Speed option.
  • Then Click on ‘Apply Tweak’.
  • Restart phone & after that you can see increase Jio 4G speed.

Solution 5: How to Boost Jio Speed

  • Open your device and start any download from the browser
  • Pause that download and notice the speed.
  • Now go to play store and install F-Secure Freedome VPN app
  • Open and Connect Singapore Server
  • Now resume the download, you may increase the Jio 4G speed.

Solution 6: How to increase Jio Net Speed

  • You need to Install Internet Speed Meter lite app from Google Play
  • Make sure your mobile network is connected to Band 40
  • Install JioTV application in your device > Launch ‘RIL AGM’ Channel > Set Quality to High
  • Maintain on checking the speed meter and notes down maximum speed.
  • This can give you good speed at the same time as streaming any video.


Hope this article will help you to know details about How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G Speed For Internet & Data. Share this article “How to Increase Reliance Jio 4G speed for Internet Data Free Tricks, Steps, Tips, Process and Full Details” to your friends and family

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