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Reliance Gsm Prepaid Bihar Mobile 3G Internet Plans

RELIANCE GSM PREPAID BIHAR PLANS: Reliance is one of the fastest developing service network provider in India is giving a plan of Reliance Gsm for Bihar to its customers in communication industry. If you want to know what are the present Reliance Gsm prepaid Plans in Bihar. Today we are giving the new Reliance Gsm Prepaid Tariff Plans, 2G Internet Plans, 3G Internet Plans, 4G Internet Plans, SMS Packs, full talk time, Special Offers, National roaming, International roaming Recharge, Top-up Recharge, Voucher recharge plans in Bihar 2016 for Reliance Gsm users.


Latest Reliance Gsm Prepaid Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs 2016

Reliance Gsm prepaid plans in Bihar brings your near one closer through Reliance Gsm mobile network. Mobileplansindia.in contains the full information about recharge offers, SMS packs,internet recharge, tariff vouchers, full talk time plan of Reliance Gsm for Bihar zone. Reliance Gsm online recharge in Bihar is available at Mobileplansindia.in. Explore our offers list for online Reliance Gsm Prepaid plans in Bihar and avail the best suitable plan of Reliance Gsm recharge for yourself.

Online Recharge Reliance Gsm Prepaid plans in Bihar 

Today we are giving Reliance Gsm offers list Plans in Bihar for the year 2015. All Preapaid mobile users in Bihar can select their Reliance Gsm Prepaid plans in Bihar was last updated on tuesday, 9 feb 2016..

Reliance Gsm prepaid All Second Pack

Amount Validity Description
38 7 Days 5000 All Call Seconds
68 14 Days 10000 All Call Seconds
88 28 Days 13000 All Call Seconds
148 28 Days 26000 All Call Seconds

Reliance Gsm prepaid Combo Pack

Amount Validity Description
11 7 Days Rs 10 Core TT and 10 MB 3G Data
22 3 Days Full Talktime + 22 local SMS Free
33 7 Days Talktime 35+50 MB 3G data for 7 days
35 28 Days Local @ 35p/min
45 28 Days All Call @ 1.2p/2sec
46 30 Days I/C roaming free, OG Local +STD @40p/min for 30 days and 50 MB 3G data for 7 days
55 28 Days All call 30p/min
65 7 Days Rs.65 Talktime Rs.75+100 MB 3G data for 7 days
101 10 Days FTT(Promo) + All Local & STD Calls @ 30p/min + 100 MB Data
110 Lifetime Full Talktime
111 85 Days Local call 30p/min, STD call 35p/min
129 28 Days 200 All Call Minutes + 500 3G DATA
150 Lifetime Full Talktime
179 28 Days 350 All call Minutes + 500 MB 3G Data
222 30 Days Talktime Rs.244+ 50 MB 3G data free for 30 days
299 28 Days 500 All Call Minutes + 1 3G DATA
333 Lifetime Talktime of Rs 366 + 75 MB Data ( Data val for 30 Days)
444 Lifetime Talktime of Rs 488 + 100 MB Data ( Data val for 30 Days)
555 Lifetime Talktime of Rs 600

Reliance Gsm prepaid Full Talktime

Amount Validity Description
60   60.00 Talktime
110   110.00 Talktime
150   150.00 Talktime

Reliance Gsm prepaid Mobile Internet Pack

Amount Validity Description
15 1 Day 75 MB 3G Data
34 7 Days 250 MB 3G Data
74 5 Days 500 MB 3G Data
94 15 Days 500 MB 3G Data
154 30 Days 1 GB 3G Data
177 30 Days 1.25 GB 3G Data
254 30 Days 2 GB 3G Data

Reliance Gsm prepaid Regular Talktime

Amount Validity Description
10   7.73 Talktime
20   15.47 Talktime
30   23.20 Talktime
40   31.93 Talktime
50   50.00 Talktime
90   75.60 Talktime
100   84.34 Talktime
120   101.80 Talktime
200   171.67 Talktime
300   259.01 Talktime
400   346.34 Talktime
500   433.68 Talktime

Reliance Gsm prepaid SMS Pack

Amount Validity Description
39 28 Days 475 Loc/National SMS

Reliance Gsm prepaid Recharge plans In Bihar

Today we are giving Reliance Gsm offers list Plans in Kolkata 2016. All Preapaid mobile users in Bihar can select their Reliance Gsm Prepaid plans in Bihar was last updated on Thursday, 9 February 2016.

Reliance Gsm Prepaid Plans In Bihar Online recharge

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