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Airtel 4G Postpaid Plans In Amritsar | High Speed internet | Online recharge Here

Airtel is one of the fastest growing service network provider in India. Are you an Airtel postpaid card user ? Are you searching on Google for a trick to get airtel postpaid 4g plans In Amritsar for postpaid, then you are landed on right place. These airtel 4g Dongle plan In Amritsar for postpaid starts from low price Rs 450 to Rs 4799. Today we are providing airtel 4g postpaid Dongle plans in Amritsar 2015. Any Airtel mobile user can avail these 2G airtel data plans In Amritsar offers in 2015. Airtel 4G will bring to life the experience of mobile broadband on your phone. airtel 4g Postpaid plans are a new technology and not all phones support 4G features. airtel mobile 4g postpaid plans are available through online recharge by mobileplansindia.in

Airtel 4G Postpaid Plans In Amritsar

Airtel 4g Postpaid internet plans in Amritsar 2015 

airtel 4g plans Postpaid in Amritsar brings your near one closer through Airtel mobile network. Amritsar has a large base of Airtel users across youths and adults; their range of affordable plans being the primary reason. Recharge 4G Postpaid Airtel plans in Amritsar at your affordable budget, plans starting from 450 and available up to 4799. To suit different needs of different users, Airtel has come up with daily, weekly and monthly 4G Plans in Amritsar. Mobileplansindia.in brings to you a long list of airtel 4g postpaid plans in Amritsar online; choose the best suitable plan for yourself.

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Amritsar  Airtel 4G Postpaid Dongle, Home – Wifi Plans 2015

Here we are providing Airtel 4G Plans In Amritsar for the year 2015. All Prepaid mobile users in Amritsar can select their Airtel 4G internet Plans in Amritsar from below and Recharge here.

Dongle Postpaid

Amount Validity Description
450 30 Days 2GB
650 30 Days 3GB
750 30 Days 4GB
999 30 Days 10GB
1299 30 Days 12GB
1449 30 Days 15GB
2049 30 Days 25GB
2999 30 Days 45GB
4799 30 Days 80GB

Home – Wifi Postpaid

Amount Validity Description
595 30 Days 3GB (BillCap-1495)
995 30 Days 10GB (BillCap-1995)
1295 30 Days 15GB (BillCap-3295)
1995 30 Days 30GB (BillCap-3995)
2995 30 Days 50GB (BillCap-4995)
4995 30 Days 100GB (BillCap-6995)
7995 30 Days 160GB (BillCap-9995)

Online Airtel 4g Postpaid plans Bill payment

Here we are providing online recharge link of Airtel 4G Postpaid Plans. You can select your Airtel 4G Plans and recharge here.

  Airtel 4g postpaid bill payment

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